high PWM Charge Mode Solar Charge Controller

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PWM  controller for solar system
1.Product introduction of the PWM controller for solar system
50A PWM solar charge controller with digital display, it adopts different charge way based on different batteries and environment, LCD display with 4 bottoms to change different screens, it has double solar panel inputs applied and the bottom aluminum radiation make properly.
2.Product parameter (specification) of PWM controller for solar system
System voltage12/24V auto. switch
Max. charging current50A
Charge modePWM
Max. PV input voltage16-30/32-48V
Float charge13.8/27.6V(default)
Bulk charge14.9/29.8V(default)
Equalization charge14.6/29.2V(default)
LCD displayBattery voltage; PV charge current; Load discharge current; total PV charge Ah; total PV discharge Ah; the setting of constant voltage charging; the setting of low voltage disconnect; the setting of low reconnect
Battery typeGel, AGM, other Lead acid battery
Warranty24 months
PackingGift box; 18pcs/16.8Kgs/CTN;  41.5*40*27 cm
Packing list1 * 50A Solar charge controller;
1 * User Manual;
3.Product feature and application of PWM  controller for solar system
12/24 automatic recognition.
High efficient series PWM charging, increase the battery lifetime and improve the solar system performance.
Use OSFET as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch.
Gel and lead acid sealed battery type optional.
1: What is the difference between PWM and MPPT charge controller?  
PWM charge controllers rely on an older technology. These controllers work to match the voltage from the solar panels to battery's voltage by pulling down the panel's voltage,  in doing so, it lowers the efficiency of the energy to about 80% of the theoretical maximum.
MPPT is a newer technology designed for extracting maximum energy from the solar panel, by maintaining the highest possible voltage from the panel. It can achieve high efficiency rate of 98%."
2: How is your quality?
CARSPA has successful implemented ISO9001 and a strict quality control process throughout the production process. In addition, we use ATE testing equipment for testing and we keep test data for as long as 5 years.
3: What is your regular package?
Our regular package is color box or brown box, then packaged in cartons.
4: Your price is high. What is the best price you can offer?  
First, our products have exceptional quality by using high quality components. Second, our prices are actually very competitive. Third, we are confident that once you have evaluated our products closely, you will find it worth every penny.
5: What is your MOQ?
Different products, different models have different MOQ. Usually 100pcs for inverters and chargers, 200pcs for controllers.
6: How about the payment and shipment?
Payment: We accept T/T, Western Union,Paypal etc. terms of payment.
Shipment: For sample order, we use DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS and other express; for batch order, by sea or air( through our forwarder). high PWM Charge Mode Solar Charge Controller

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