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Product introduction
PDC thrust bearings are widely used in downhole power drilling tools. They have high strength and long life. Each PDC thrust bearing consists of an upper ring and a lower ring. Each bearing ring is divided into a cemented carbide ring and a PDC .
PDC bearings have been one of the most important developments in the increased usage of turbo-drill systems. The ultra-high hardness and strength of PCD allows PDC thrust bearings to sustain very high loads during operation.
Polycrystalline Diamond Compact introduction:
The polycrystalline diamond compact(PDC) is a composite material in which a polycrystalline diamond thin layer is adhered and adhered to a cemented carbide substrate. The PDC combines the high wear resistance of polycrystalline diamond and the high impact resistance of cemented carbide. The diamond layer is sharp and self-sharpening, and can always maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge. Therefore, it is very suitable for the exploration of soft formations in oil and geological drilling up to medium-hard formations. The effect is very good. The diamond content in PDC is as high as 99%, so the diamond layer has extremely high hardness and excellent wear resistance, and its Knoop hardness is 6.5×104-7.0×104 MPa, or even higher. The cemented carbide matrix overcomes the hard and brittle deficiencies of polycrystalline diamond and greatly improves the overall impact toughness of the product. The easy solderability of the hard alloy solves the problem that the polycrystalline diamond is difficult to combine with other materials through the welding method, so that PDC can be vertically welded on the drill bit. Because of its superior performance. PDC has been developed and produced at domestic and abroad, resulting in an ever-increasing variety of PDC Cutter

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