1/2" WIDE PATCH CLAMP manufacturers

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Our Factory
DaLian Zhuhong Mechanical CO., LTD is established in 2008 and located in Jinzhou District of Dalian City-the key transportation hub and trading port in Liaoning Province of China. With excellent production equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, perfect testing and examination facilities, strict selection for materials procurement, thoughtful and efficient pre-sale and after-sale service, we are engaged in providing customers with first-rate customer service and lightning fast delivery.
In the following years, we are concentrating on developing new ideas of our products in order to meet more and more volatile applications of our customers. Our long-term business partners not only spread all over China, but also in America, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Russia and other Mid-East countries and South-East Asia countries.
We have long-term partners of stable raw material supplies and we keep nearly all phases of manufacturing in-house, which will make the supply chain to be simplified and extremely efficient. Parts are made to our exact specifications and design changes can be made quickly.
Our customers enjoy our ability to quickly provide top-quality products independently designed to meet their unique requirements.
Our factory is located in 30 minutes'driving to the Dalian Railway Station and 1 hour's driving to the Dalian Airport, which make it possible for us to deliver the goods whenever they are ready immediately.
Our products categories and sales scale is growing wider.But our commitment to serving our customers and our customer's customers is as evident today as it was we established.
We live only to achieve our manual success.
Product ApplicationApplied to connection of various kinds of metal pipes and composite materials of pipelines. Allowable angular deflection but does not provide restraint. It can provide safe. fast and steady connection and very good effect of anti-vibration and noise reduction, as well as function of distance compensation in pipe ends. Easy to be installed and disassembled and reusable.
Multi-Function Pipe CouplingMini-Type Pipe Repair Clamp
Single-Section Pipe Coupling MFPipe Repair Clamp SS-H/SS-F
Geer-Ring Type Pipe Coupling GRSS Full-Circle Mini-Type Pipe Repair Clamp SJW-F
Non-Metal Pipe Coupling GFflexible Multi-Function Pipe Coupling
Folding Type Pipe Repair Clamp RCHCoupling CBL
DoubleSection Pipe RepairCoupling RCDHigh Pressure Repair Clamp HRC
Opening Type Pipe Repair Clamp RCESocket Pipe Repair Clamp CCR
Band Repair ClampLengthen Type Repair Clamp
Stainless Steel Band Repair Clamp CRUniversal-length Repair Clamp
Ductile Iron Band Repair Clamp ZRWide-Range Strip Repair Clamp CRK
Multi-Function Tee ProductsCompensation Repair Clamp BCR
Multi-Function TeeElbow Repair Clamp
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Production Market
America, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Russia and other Mid-East countries and South-East Asia countries.1/2" WIDE PATCH CLAMP manufacturers

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